A new way to enjoy CBD liquid: Hydro Bubbler

What is a hydro bubbler?

The Hydro Bubbler is an innovative water pipe device that gently soothes the throat by sucking water through it.

Basic characteristics of hydro bubbler

Hydrobubbler can also be used with CBD liquid and CBN liquid, and has the characteristic of reducing the disadvantages of dry mouth and throat irritation.

Hydrobubbler uses water as a filter, which reduces the kick and gives it a milder taste. Additionally, the Hydro Bubbler is a 510 standard cartridge device with 4-step voltage adjustment. This allows users to adjust the suction comfort to their own preferences.

How to use a hydro bubbler

To use the hydro bubbler, a separate 510 standard liquid cartridge is required. The cartridge can be easily attached to the hydrobubbler.

If the charge is insufficient, the heating temperature of the hydro bubbler will drop and liquid may remain in the heating part. Therefore, regular maintenance and cleaning is recommended. After use, remove the bubbler and cartridge, wash them, and store them in a clean condition.

Advantages and disadvantages of hydrobubbler

Main advantages of hydrobubbler

There are several advantages to using a hydrobubbler.

First of all, hydrobubblers are excellently compatible with CBD and CBN liquids. By inhaling CBD liquid with a hydrobubbler, you can get an even better inhalation experience. By suctioning through water, the feeling of dry mouth is reduced and smoother suction is possible.

Additionally, the hydrobubbler is compatible with highly concentrated cartridges and waxes. Therefore, it is a great option for those who want to consume higher amounts of CBD and CBN.

Potential disadvantages of hydrobubblers

On the other hand, hydrobubblers also have some potential disadvantages.

First of all, in order to use a hydro bubbler, you need a separate 510 standard liquid cartridge. This is because the hydrobubbler is a special device and cannot be used with non-standard cartridges.

Hydrobubblers also require regular maintenance and cleaning. In particular, when the battery capacity decreases, the heating temperature decreases and liquid may remain in the heating area. This may cause electrical failure, so regular maintenance and cleaning are required.

Summary: A new way to enjoy CBD liquid and hydrobubbler

Hydro Bubbler offers a new way to enjoy it. It makes the experience of inhaling CBD liquid milder and allows you to enjoy a pleasant taste. If you are interested, try a hydro bubbler.

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