[How to take CBD] ① Beginner version

We will explain how to ingest ``CBD'', which has recently become a hot topic in the relaxation and health fields.

First, we will introduce two intake methods for beginners!


Liquid is a popular method of ingestion with quick effects.
The taste changes depending on the oil injected, such as live resin or terpene.

【how to use】
Prepare an electronic cigarette device called a Vape and inhale. Lower the heating wattage to enjoy more terpene flavor.

[Number of uses]
Each tube (1 mm) can be suctioned approximately 250 times.

【important point】
Since it is a concentrate, we recommend starting with a low-concentration cartridge for beginners.

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Capsules are an easy way to control the amount you take.
It is popular because of its long-lasting power, which is unique to oral vaccination, and because it is easy to use on the go.

It also has the advantage of being less harmful because it does not inhale smoke like cigarettes.

【how to use】
Take this medicine orally with water, avoiding when the stomach is full. Beginners can start from 1 tablet!

【Preservation method】
Store away from direct sunlight and high humidity.

【important point】
As it is absorbed in the intestines, you can feel it after 1 hour.

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③Summary: Start with a small amount! Find the intake method that suits you

There are many ways to consume CBD. Experience the most effective results by choosing a method of intake that suits your environment and yourself.
Next time we will introduce the intermediate version!

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