What is CB9? Explanation of notable cannabinoids

Overview and characteristics of CB9

CB9 is the latest cannabinoid and has started to attract attention since the second half of 2023. CB9 is purified from CBD isolate, a component of hemp. Its effects are expected to include increased happiness, increased appetite, improved sleep quality, relaxing effects, increased vitality, and analgesic effects.

What is CB9?

CB9 is a type of cannabinoid that is legal in Japan. There are various types of CB9 liquid, including sativa and indica, but the type that gives you a sensation similar to THC is particularly popular on social media.

CB9 has a chemical structure similar to CBD, but is said to have psychoactive effects. It is said that it is difficult to crystallize and is easy to process and store.

About legality

CB9 is legal and unregulated in Japan.

CB9 related products

CB9 is the newest legal cannabinoid and there are a variety of products on the market. The most popular among them is CB9 Liquid.

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