What is CDT? Unraveling the charm of cannabis terpenes

Characteristics of CDT (cannabis-derived terpene)

CDT (cannabis-derived terpene) is a terpene extracted from cannabis (hemp). Terpenes are aroma compounds found in hemp flowers, leaves, seeds, and stems, and there are over 120 types. CDT is a terpene extracted from cannabis.

Extraction method and quality

There are various methods for extracting CDT, but common methods include steam distillation and solvent extraction. These methods can efficiently extract terpenes and yield high-quality CDT.

The quality of CDT depends not only on the extraction method but also on the selection of raw materials and the manufacturing process. The composition of terpenes varies depending on the hemp variety, maturity level, cultivation environment, etc., so careful attention must be paid to quality control.

Effect on scent and atmosphere

CDT contains aroma components derived from terpenes, which greatly change the scent and atmosphere of the product. For example, d-limonene and d-myrcene have a citrus scent, and d-linalool has a floral scent. Additionally, α-pinene, delta 3-carene, and β-caryophyllene are known to bring a spicy aroma.

In this way, the combination of CDT gives the product a unique scent and provides a pleasant experience to the user. Additionally, certain terpene components have beneficial effects such as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that are expected to enhance the effectiveness of the product.

Summary: The appeal and effects of CDT

Terpenes derived from cannabis are attracting attention for their unique aromas and effects. There are more types of hemp-derived terpenes than other plant-derived terpenes, each with their own unique effects.

Because CDT is extracted from cannabis, it can reproduce the aroma and atmosphere of cannabis. This allows you to enjoy a more authentic cannabis atmosphere in your CBD products. The effects of CBD may also be enhanced by the addition of terpenes.

When choosing CBD products, be sure to check out products that contain CDT.

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