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[Dub Rig] Core 2.1

[Dub Rig] Core 2.1

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The Core 2.1 is a vaporizer specifically designed for dubs. You can enjoy the wax at your desired temperature through the bubbler.

It is equipped with a 3150mAh battery which is upgraded from the previous model and lasts much longer.

The temperature range is 205°C to 260°C, so you can easily enjoy dabbing in a short heating time.

[Button function]

Long press – heat up to 60 seconds
2 clicks – heat to set temperature – 1 click to cancel heating
3 clicks – change temperature
4 clicks – Display power level – Blue approx. 205°C – Green approx. 220° – White approx. 240° – Red approx. 260°
5 clicks – lock or unlock

[Session time and temperature]

Blue – 12.5 seconds preheat – approx. 205°C

Green – 13 seconds preheat – approx. 220°
White – 17.5 seconds preheat – approx. 240°
Red – 22.5 seconds preheat – approx. 260°

【how to use】

① Fill the bubbler up to 1/4 with water and set it on the CORE base.
(If you add more than 1/4, there is a risk of water flooding and damaging the CORE base)
②Set the atomizer on the CORE base.
③Put WAX into the atomizer

④Press the button three times to set the desired temperature.
⑤Click the button twice to start heating.
⑥When the main unit vibrates, put on the cap and suck it up.



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