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[Bubbler] PLUTO Gbox

[Bubbler] PLUTO Gbox

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【how to use】
Remove the housing (transparent case) and glass bubbler.
Pour water into a glass bubbler.
Attach cartridge to MOD
Attaching a glass bubbler to the housing

[Button function]
Press the power button quickly 5 times to turn the power on (off)
*Press 3 times to switch voltage
Please hold down the power button while using.
After use, press the power button quickly 5 times to turn off the power.

Battery capacity: 650mAh
4-step voltage adjustment function Blue = 2.0V
Red = 3.6V
Rainbow = Power Wave Technology (2.2V-3.6V)

・Hydro Bubbler body ・micro USB charging cable ・Glass bubbler



・【ネコポス】全国一律 500円

¥10,000以上 無料

・【クール便】全国一律 1200円

¥15,000以上 無料

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