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Broad Spectrum CBD Cookie | 500mg

Broad Spectrum CBD Cookie | 500mg

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A moist American cookie filled with chocolate. We use ``CBD'', which contains abundant rare cannabinoids , to maximize the entourage effect.

【Internal capacity】
2 pieces [CBD500mg/piece]

【raw materials】

Flour / brown sugar / unsalted butter / flavoring / chocolate chips / hemp extract / glycine / preservative (polylysine)

[Country of manufacture]


【Preservation method】

Store away from direct sunlight and high humidity.

【expiration date】

Within 1 month after opening


◾️Please refrain from excessive intake.

◾️Please do not drive a car or perform any dangerous work after using the product.

◾️Please store in a place where children cannot touch it.

◾️Please read the enclosed "User Manual" before taking it.

◾️Please refrain from taking if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
◾️Please refrain from driving a car after using it.



・【ネコポス】全国一律 500円

¥10,000以上 無料

・【クール便】全国一律 1200円

¥15,000以上 無料

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